--> Boredom Reboot v2.0
Boredom Reboot v2.0
Boredom Reboot v2.0

Name: Michael Wang
Skype: gnawleahcim

Things I like:
- Doctor Who
- Supernatural
- Sherlock
- Gundam
- Spider-Man
- Anime
Theme construction

To do:
- Infinite Scroll
- More formatting

My new clothes that I’ve been waiting forever for!

  1. The red plaid jacket was a lot thinner than I was expecting it to be
  2. The grey shirt is a bit too small
  3. The jacket was also thinner than I thought it’d be and the pockets are small.
  4. Jeans are pretty nice.

So kind of disappointed, but I guess it’s not bad :)

  1. lasttardis said: FINNALLY and I told you to be aware that the website is kinda not truthful advertising. But you look great ^^
  2. philargitta said: Cutiepie :)
  3. ruledbysheep said: Also, I like your clothes
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